Full Program


 General Chairs: Pietro Cipresso, Silvia Serino and Daniela Villani

8:00-9:00 Welcome Desk & Registration


Welcome and Introduction from General Chairs Pietro Cipresso and Daniela Villani


  Prof. Héctor Fernández-Alvarez, Honorary President of Aigle Foundation    (Invited speaker): “Panoramic picture of Mental Health today”


  Prof.   Cristina   Botella (Keynote   speaker): “Evidence-Based Psychological   Treatment Research: Advances, Limitations, and Next Steps”
10:45-11:00 Coffee Break









Panel: Advanced tools for estimating affective states

Chair: Elisa Pedroli


Higuchi, M., Nakamura, M., Shinohara, S., Omiya, Y., Takano, T., Toda, H., Saito, T., Yoshino, A., Mitsuyoshi, S., & Tokuno, S. “Discrimination of Bipolar Disorders Using Voice”


Omiya, Y., Takano, T., Nakamura, M., Higuchi, M., Shinohara, S., Mitsuyoshi, S., So, M., & Tokuno, S. “An attempt to estimate depressive status from voice”


Colombo, D., Suso-Ribera, C., Fernandez-Álvarez, J., Fernandez Felipe, I., Cipresso, P., Garcia Palacios, A., Riva, G., & Botella, C. “Exploring Affect Recall Bias and the Impact of Mild Depressive Symptoms: An Ecological Momentary Study”


Valev, H., Leufkens, T., Sas, C., Westerink, J., & Dotsch, R. “Evaluation of a self- report system for assessing mood using facial expressions”





Panel: Methods and techniques for health care (session 1)

Chair: Alice Chirico


Lee, J., Lam, M., & Chiu, C. “Clara: Design of a New System for Passive Sensing of Depression, Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace”


Martínez-Miranda, J., Palacios-Isaac, A., López-Flores, F., Martínez, A., Aguilar, H., Jiménez, L., Ramos, R., Rosales, G., & Altamirano, L. “Development of a


computational platform to support the screening, surveillance, prevention and detection of suicidal behaviours”
13:00–14:15 Lunch




Prof. Giuseppe Riva (Keynote speaker): “The transformative potential of Virtual Reality”






Panel: Methods and techniques for health care (session 2)


Chair: Claudia Repetto


Di Lernia, D., Serino, S., & Riva, G. “Psychological correlates of interoceptive perception in healthy population”


Toti M., Tuena, C., Pedroli, E., Riva, G., & Cipresso, P. “Anthropometry and scan: a scientometric overview”


Fernandez-Alvarez, J., Colombo, D., Botella., C., & Riva, G. “Virtual Reality and Stress related disorders: a SWOT Analysis”

16:15-16:30 Coffee Break







Panel: Immersive virtual environments for cognitive evaluation


Chair: Michelle Semonella


Repetto, C., Serino, S., Maldonato, N., Longobardi, T., Sperandeo, R., Iennaco, D., & Riva, G. “Immersive episodic memory assessment with 360° videos: the protocol and a case study”


Morganti, F. “Experiencing dementia from inside: The expediency of immersive presence”


Pedroli, E., Cipresso, P., Serino, S., Toti, M., Goulen, K., Grigioni, M., Stramba- Badiale, M., Gaggioli, A., & Riva, G. “Beyond cognitive rehabilitation: immersive but noninvasive treatment for elderly”

17:30-17.45 Closing remarks from General Chair Silvia Serino


8:00-9:00 Welcome Desk & Registration


Welcome and Introduction from General Chairs Silvia Serino and Daniela Villani




Prof. David D. Ebert (Keynote speaker): “Digital therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of mental health disorders and chronic conditions. Where we are and where we need to go?”









Panel: Usability and feasibility of Internet and mobile applications for health care


Chair: Javier Fernandez-Alvarez


Jaén, I., Suso-Ribera, C., Castilla, D., Zaragozá, I., & García-Palacios, A. “Feasibility and utility of Pain Monitor: A smartphone application for daily monitoring chronic pain”


Martínez-Borba, V., Suso-Ribera, C., & Osma, J. “Usability, acceptability, and feasibility of two technology-based devices for mental health screening in perinatal care: a comparison of web versus app”


Díaz-García, A., González-Robles, A., Fernández-Álvarez, J., Castilla, D., Mira, A., Bretón, J., García-Palacios, A., & Botella, C. “Usability of a transdiagnostic Internet-based protocol for anxiety and depression in community patients

11:15-11:30 Coffee Break








Panel: Technology-based interventions for mental health and well-being


Chair: Desirèe Colombo


Pietrabissa, G. Zoppis, I., Mauri, G., Ghiretti, R., Giusti, E., Cattivelli, R., Spatola, C., Manzoni, G.M., & Castelnuovo, G. “SystEm of Nudge theory-based ICT applications for OldeR citizens: The SENIOR Project”


Carissoli, C., Corno, G., Montanelli, S., & Villani, D. “Promoting wellbeing in pregnancy: a multi-component Positive Psychology and Mindfulness-based mobile App”


Romero, S., Mira, A., Bretón-Lopez, J., Díaz-García, A., Díaz, L., García-Palacios, A., & Botella, C. “An Internet-based intervention for depressive symptoms: Preliminary data of the contribution of behavioral activation and positive psychotherapy strategies”


Suso-Ribera, C., Molinari, G., & García-Palacios, A. “How can we implement single-case experimental designs in group therapy and using digital technologies: a study with fibromyalgia patients”
12.50-14:00 Lunch


Prof. Pim Cuijpers (Keynote speaker): “Psychological treatments of depression: Can they be delivered digitally?”


Andrés Jorge Roussos (Invited speaker): “Fulfilling the expectation about ICT’s in mental health. If they work, why don’t they scale”
15:30-15:45 Coffee Break







Panel: Virtual reality for affective change

Chair: Giada Pietrabissa


Chirico, A & Gaggioli, A. “Virtual-reality Music-based Elicitation of Awe: When Silence is better than Thousands Sounds”


Semonella, M., Cipresso, P., Tuena, C., Parisi, A., Toti, M., Bobocea, A., Mazzoli, PG., & Riva, G. “Testing a non-interactive virtual environment in pathological gamblers’ anxiety”


Kritikos, J. “Action Therapy: Fully Immersive Virtual Reality System with Motion Recognition Camera targeting the treatment of Phobias”

16:45-17:00 Closing remarks from General Chair Pietro Cipresso